Release Notes

Elephant 0.4.1 release notes

March 23rd 2017

Other changes

  • Fix in to correctly import the current source density module

Elephant 0.4.0 release notes

March 22nd 2017

New functions

  • spike_train_generation module:
    • peak detection: peak_detection()
  • Modules for Current Source Density: current_source_density_src
    • Module Current Source Density:
    • Module for Inverse Current Source Density:

API changes

  • Interoperability between Neo 0.5.0 and Elephant

Other changes

  • Fixes to travis and setup configuration files.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Added module six for Python 2.7 backwards compatibility

Elephant 0.3.0 release notes

April 12st 2016

New functions

  • spike_train_correlation module:
    • cross correlation histogram: cross_correlation_histogram()
  • spike_train_generation module:
    • single interaction process (SIP): single_interaction_process()
    • compound Poisson process (CPP): compound_poisson_process()
  • signal_processing module:
    • analytic signal: hilbert()
  • sta module:
    • spike field coherence: spike_field_coherence()
  • Module to represent kernels: kernels module

  • Spike train metrics / dissimilarity / synchrony measures: spike_train_dissimilarity module

  • Unitary Event (UE) analysis: unitary_event_analysis module

  • Analysis of Sequences of Synchronous EvenTs (ASSET): asset module

API changes

  • Function instantaneous_rate() now uses kernels as objects defined in the kernels module. The previous implementation of the function using the make_kernel() function is deprecated, but still temporarily available as oldfct_instantaneous_rate().

Other changes

  • Fixes to travis and readthedocs configuration files.

Elephant 0.2.1 release notes

February 18th 2016

Minor bug fixes.

Elephant 0.2.0 release notes

September 22nd 2015

New functions

  • Added covariance function covariance() in the spike_train_correlation module
  • Added complexity pdf complexity_pdf() in the statistics module
  • Added spike train extraction from analog signals via threshold detection the in spike_train_generation module
  • Added coherence() function for analog signals in the spectral module
  • Added Cumulant Based Inference for higher-order of Correlation (CuBIC) in the cubic module for correlation analysis of parallel recorded spike trains

API changes

  • Optimized kernel bandwidth in rate_estimation function: Calculates the optimized kernel width when the paramter kernel width is specified as auto

Other changes

  • Optimized creation of sparse matrices: The creation speed of the sparse matrix inside the BinnedSpikeTrain class is optimized
  • Added Izhikevich neuron simulator in the make_spike_extraction_test_data module
  • Minor improvements to the test and continous integration infrastructure