elephant.asset.asset.synchronous_events_no_overlap(sse1, sse2)[source]

Given two sequences of synchronous events (SSEs) sse1 and sse2, each consisting of a pool of pixel positions and associated synchronous events (see below), determines whether sse1 and sse2 are disjoint.

Two SSEs are disjoint if they don’t share pixels, or if the events associated to common pixels are disjoint.

Both sse1 and sse2 must be provided as dictionaries of the type

{(i1, j1): S1, (i2, j2): S2, …, (iK, jK): SK},

where each i, j is an integer and each S is a set of neuron IDs.

sse1, sse2dict

Dictionaries of pixel positions (i, j) as keys and sets S of synchronous events as values.


True if sse1 is disjoint from sse2.

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