elephant.asset.asset.synchronous_events_overlap(sse1, sse2)[source]

Given two sequences of synchronous events (SSEs) sse1 and sse2, each consisting of a pool of pixel positions and associated synchronous events (see below), determines whether the two SSEs overlap.

The SSEs overlap if they are not equal and none of them is a superset of the other one but they are also not disjoint.

Both sse1 and sse2 must be provided as dictionaries of the type

{(i1, j1): S1, (i2, j2): S2, …, (iK, jK): SK},

where each i, j is an integer and each S is a set of neuron IDs.

sse1, sse2dict

Dictionaries of pixel positions (i, j) as keys and sets S of synchronous events as values.


True if sse1 and sse2 overlap.

See also


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