Bridge to the pandas library

Bridge to the pandas library.

spiketrain_to_dataframe(spiketrain[, ...])

Convert a neo.SpikeTrain to a pandas.DataFrame.

event_to_dataframe(event[, parents, child_first])

Convert a neo.core.Event to a pandas.DataFrame.

epoch_to_dataframe(epoch[, parents, child_first])

Convert a neo.core.Epoch to a pandas.DataFrame.

multi_spiketrains_to_dataframe(container[, ...])

Convert one or more neo.SpikeTrain objects to a pandas.DataFrame.

multi_events_to_dataframe(container[, ...])

Convert one or more neo.Event objects to a pandas.DataFrame.

multi_epochs_to_dataframe(container[, ...])

Convert one or more neo.Epoch objects to a pandas.DataFrame.

slice_spiketrain(pdobj[, t_start, t_stop])

Slice a pandas.DataFrame, changing indices appropriately.