Documentation Guide

Writing the documentation

Each module (python source file) should start with a short description of the listed functionality. Class and function docstrings should conform to the NumPy docstring standard.


We highly recommend exploring our Coding Style Guide with Examples.

Building the documentation

The documentation in doc/ folder is written in reStructuredText, using the Sphinx documentation system. To build the documentation:

  1. Install requirements-docs.txt and requirements-tutorials.txt in the same way as it’s explained in Developers’ Guide step 3:

    $ pip install -r requirements/requirements-docs.txt
    $ pip install -r requirements/requirements-tutorials.txt
  2. Build the documentation:

    $ cd doc
    $ export PYTHONPATH=.:../..  # to find elephant package
    $ make html
  3. Open _build/html/index.html in your browser.

  4. (Optional) To check that all URLs in the documentation are correct, run:

    $ make linkcheck