elephant.statistics.complexity_pdf(spiketrains, bin_size)[source]

Complexity Distribution of a list of neo.SpikeTrain objects [st1].

Deprecated in favor of Complexity.pdf().

Probability density computed from the complexity histogram which is the histogram of the entries of the population histogram of clipped (binary) spike trains computed with a bin width of bin_size. It provides for each complexity (== number of active neurons per bin) the number of occurrences. The normalization of that histogram to 1 is the probability density.

spiketrainslist of neo.SpikeTrain

Spike trains with a common time axis (same t_start and t_stop)


Width of the histogram’s time bins.


A neo.AnalogSignal object containing the histogram values. neo.AnalogSignal[j] is the histogram computed between t_start + j * bin_size and t_start + (j + 1) * bin_size.