Statistics of spike trains

Statistical measures of spike trains (e.g., Fano factor) and functions to estimate firing rates.

Rate estimation

mean_firing_rate(spiketrain[, t_start, ...]) Return the firing rate of the spike train.
instantaneous_rate(spiketrains, sampling_period) Estimates instantaneous firing rate by kernel convolution.
time_histogram(spiketrains, bin_size[, ...]) Time Histogram of a list of neo.SpikeTrain objects.
optimal_kernel_bandwidth(spiketimes[, ...]) Calculates optimal fixed kernel bandwidth [st3], given as the standard deviation sigma.

Spike interval statistics

isi(spiketrain[, axis]) Return an array containing the inter-spike intervals of the spike train.
cv(a[, axis, nan_policy]) Compute the coefficient of variation.
cv2(time_intervals[, with_nan]) Calculate the measure of Cv2 for a sequence of time intervals between events [st2].
lv(time_intervals[, with_nan]) Calculate the measure of local variation Lv for a sequence of time intervals between events [st4].
lvr(time_intervals[, R, with_nan]) Calculate the measure of revised local variation LvR for a sequence of time intervals between events [st5].

Statistics across spike trains

fanofactor(spiketrains[, warn_tolerance]) Evaluates the empirical Fano factor F of the spike counts of a list of neo.SpikeTrain objects.
complexity_pdf(spiketrains, bin_size) Complexity Distribution of a list of neo.SpikeTrain objects [st1].
Complexity(spiketrains[, sampling_rate, ...]) Class for complexity distribution (i.e.


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