Signal processing

Basic processing procedures for time series (e.g., performing a z-score of a signal, or filtering a signal).

zscore(signal[, inplace]) Apply a z-score operation to one or several neo.AnalogSignal objects.
cross_correlation_function(signal, channel_pairs) Computes an estimator of the cross-correlation function [sig1].
butter(signal[, highpass_frequency, ...]) Butterworth filtering function for neo.AnalogSignal.
wavelet_transform(signal, frequency[, ...]) Compute the wavelet transform of a given signal with Morlet mother wavelet.
hilbert(signal[, padding]) Apply a Hilbert transform to a neo.AnalogSignal object in order to obtain its (complex) analytic signal.
rauc(signal[, baseline, bin_duration, ...]) Calculate the rectified area under the curve (RAUC) for a neo.AnalogSignal.
derivative(signal) Calculate the derivative of a neo.AnalogSignal.


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