Release Notes

Elephant 0.7.0 release notes

Breaking changes

gpfa = GPFA(bin_size=20*, x_dim=8)
results = gpfa.fit_transform(spiketrains, returned_data=['xorth', 'xsm'])

New tutorials


  • Python 2.7 support will be dropped on Dec 31, 2020. Please switch to Python 3.6, 3.7, or 3.8.
  • [spike train generation] homogeneous_poisson_process_with_refr_period(), introduced in v0.6.4, is deprecated and will be deleted in v0.8.0. Use homogeneous_poisson_process(refractory_period=…) instead.
  • [pandas bridge] pandas_bridge module is deprecated and will be deleted in v0.8.0.

New features

Bug fixes


Elephant 0.6.4 release notes

This release has been made for the “1st Elephant User Workshop” (

Main features

  • neo v0.8.0 compatible

New modules

Bug fixes


Elephant 0.6.3 release notes

July 22nd 2019

The release v0.6.3 is mostly about improving maintenance.

New functions

Elephant 0.6.2 release notes

April 23rd 2019

New functions

  • signal_processing module
    • New functions to calculate the area under a time series and the derivative of a time series.

Other changes

  • Added support to initialize binned spike train representations with a matrix
  • Multiple bug fixes

Elephant 0.6.1 release notes

April 1st 2019

New functions

  • signal_processing module
    • New function to calculate the cross-correlation function for analog signals.
  • spade module
    • Spatio-temporal spike pattern detection now includes the option to assess significance also based on time-lags of patterns, in addition to patterns size and frequency (referred to as 3D pattern spectrum).

Other changes

  • This release fixes a number of compatibility issues in relation to API breaking changes in the Neo library.
  • Fixed error in STTC calculation (spike time tiling coefficient)
  • Minor bug fixes

Elephant 0.6.0 release notes

October 12th 2018

New functions

  • cell_assembly_detection module
    • New function to detect higher-order correlation structures such as patterns in parallel spike trains based on Russo et al, 2017.
  • wavelet_transform() function in module
    • Function for computing wavelet transform of a given time series based on Le van Quyen et al. (2001)

Other changes

  • Switched to multiple requirements.txt files which are directly read into the
  • instantaneous_rate() accepts now list of spiketrains
  • Minor bug fixes

Elephant 0.5.0 release notes

April 4nd 2018

New functions

  • change_point_detection module:
    • New function to detect changes in the firing rate
  • spike_train_correlation module:
    • New function to calculate the spike time tiling coefficient
  • phase_analysis module:
    • New function to extract spike-triggered phases of an AnalogSignal
  • unitary_event_analysis module:
    • Added new unit test to the UE function to verify the method based on data of a recent [Re]Science publication

Other changes

  • Minor bug fixes

Elephant 0.4.3 release notes

March 2nd 2018

Other changes

  • Bug fixes in spade module:
    • Fixed an incompatibility with the latest version of an external library

Elephant 0.4.2 release notes

March 1st 2018

New functions

  • spike_train_generation module:
    • inhomogeneous_poisson() function
  • Modules for Spatio Temporal Pattern Detection (SPADE) spade_src:
    • Module SPADE:
  • Module
    • Added CV2 (coefficient of variation for non-stationary time series)
  • Module
    • Added normalization in cross-correlation histogram() (CCH)

Other changes

  • Adapted the to automatically install the spade modules including the compiled C files
  • Included testing environment for MPI in travis.yml
  • Changed function arguments in to neo.AnalogSignal instead list of neo.AnalogSignal objects
  • Fixes to travis and setup configuration files
  • Fixed bug in ISI function isi(), module
  • Fixed bug in dither_spikes(),
  • Minor bug fixes

Elephant 0.4.1 release notes

March 23rd 2017

Other changes

  • Fix in to correctly import the current source density module

Elephant 0.4.0 release notes

March 22nd 2017

New functions

  • spike_train_generation module:
    • peak detection: peak_detection()
  • Modules for Current Source Density: current_source_density_src
    • Module Current Source Density:
    • Module for Inverse Current Source Density:

API changes

  • Interoperability between Neo 0.5.0 and Elephant

Other changes

  • Fixes to travis and setup configuration files.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Added module six for Python 2.7 backwards compatibility

Elephant 0.3.0 release notes

April 12st 2016

New functions

  • spike_train_correlation module:
    • cross correlation histogram: cross_correlation_histogram()
  • spike_train_generation module:
    • single interaction process (SIP): single_interaction_process()
    • compound Poisson process (CPP): compound_poisson_process()
  • signal_processing module:
    • analytic signal: hilbert()
  • sta module:
    • spike field coherence: spike_field_coherence()
  • Module to represent kernels: kernels module
  • Spike train metrics / dissimilarity / synchrony measures: spike_train_dissimilarity module
  • Unitary Event (UE) analysis: unitary_event_analysis module
  • Analysis of Sequences of Synchronous EvenTs (ASSET): asset module

API changes

  • Function instantaneous_rate() now uses kernels as objects defined in the kernels module. The previous implementation of the function using the make_kernel() function is deprecated, but still temporarily available as oldfct_instantaneous_rate().

Other changes

  • Fixes to travis and readthedocs configuration files.

Elephant 0.2.1 release notes

February 18th 2016

Other changes

Minor bug fixes.

Elephant 0.2.0 release notes

September 22nd 2015

New functions

  • Added covariance function covariance() in the spike_train_correlation module
  • Added complexity pdf complexity_pdf() in the statistics module
  • Added spike train extraction from analog signals via threshold detection the in spike_train_generation module
  • Added coherence() function for analog signals in the spectral module
  • Added Cumulant Based Inference for higher-order of Correlation (CuBIC) in the cubic module for correlation analysis of parallel recorded spike trains

API changes

  • Optimized kernel bandwidth in rate_estimation function: Calculates the optimized kernel width when the paramter kernel width is specified as auto

Other changes

  • Optimized creation of sparse matrices: The creation speed of the sparse matrix inside the BinnedSpikeTrain class is optimized
  • Added Izhikevich neuron simulator in the make_spike_extraction_test_data module
  • Minor improvements to the test and continous integration infrastructure